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Seattle, Washington: Success is owed to your help

Hello Monica,
Just want to update you on settlement. I know it has been a long time since we were last in contact, but it has been a long journey.

First just getting my car into shop for repair. Then it was in shop for a month and a half. I had called and spoke with Maryjo at Enumclaw a couple times but thought they would blow me off. But!! I got a call today from Maryjo and she is putting check in mail tomorrow for requested amount of $5,000. No having to bicker with them.

I am so excited! Thank you very much for drawing up the paper work that made it possible. Once my insurance got all the pictures and paper work to her it took her insurance review person a week to ok the settlement. She apologized it had taken so long, and after all the difficulty I had with dealing with my own insurance I think I will be switching our insurance to Mutual of Enumclaw. She is sending me info on local branches.

Anyway just wanted to tell you of my success. When in truth I didn't get aggressive at all with them and all success is owed to your help. So thank you very much.

Sally Weisler
Seattle, Washington

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