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Texas Diminished Value claim | How To File Diminished Value Correctly

In the state of Texas, if you are in a auto wreck and the accident was not your fault you are entitled to file a insurance claim for diminished value. The statute of limitations on filing a diminished value claim in Texas with your insurance is two years from the date of loss. In order to recover the losses you must have a diminished value appraisal completed by a professional automobile appraisal company, such as Autoloss. Also, if the other party in Texas does not have auto insurance and you carry uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage you may be able to claim diminished value under your policy... You can also file a claim in small claims court in Texas for as much as $10,000. Autoloss can help the Texas consumer in many ways with their diminished value claim. We also have local Texas auto appraisers standing by to complete a diminished value inspection on your vehicle as well. Call 877-655-1661 so Autoloss can help you recover your losses today.

References and Certificates Available upon request

Diminished Value Claim Resources


Provided by the Texas Department of Insurance

In Texas, the other driver's insurance company may ask you to sign a release to settle your insurance claim and forgo future claims related to the accident. Don't sign a liability release until you are satisfied with the total settlement, including diminished value. Get a letter from your doctor estimating the cost and length of your future medical treatment. You might want to consult an attorney before accepting a settlement. Under Texas law, you have two years after an accident to either settle your claim or file a lawsuit.

Texas law prohibits insurance companies from delaying payment of a claim in order to pressure you to sign a release. If you believe an insurance company is delaying payment to pressure you, file a complaint with TDI.

If the other driver denies fault, his or her insurance company may refuse to pay the claim. Independent witnesses could make a difference in getting the company to pay. It's important to get names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident. Make sure the insurance company knows about the witnesses. If the company continues to refuse to pay the claim, you can file a claim against your own insurance or you may have to go to court to resolve the issue.

Before filing a insurance claim with your company, ask your agent or your company's underwriting department how a claim might affect your rates on renewal. A company cannot refuse to renew your policy solely because you had one accident in a 12-month period that was not your fault. However, if the accident affected your DPS driving record, your company may consider it in determining your rates, whether you filed a claim for the accident or not.

File A Diminished Value Claim With Autoloss

Dont let an auto accident diminish your vehicles value.  File a diminished value claim throught Autoloss today.    We are your diminished value experts in Texas.  Call our diminished value experts now and see for yourself!  TOLL-FREE: 877-655-1661

Texas Success Stories

  • Rhonda Frank - Miami, Florida

    I cannot say enough great things about this company!

    They responded very quickly any time I had a question and always had great advice on how to respond to the insurance company that I was dealing with. The insurance company was not going to pay me anything until I got Autoloss involved. At the end I got the whole amount that Autoloss said I was owed from their research, as well as reimbursed for the fee even though the insurance company in the beginning said the burden of proof was on me.

    The insurance company stated that their report was quite compelling. I strongly recommend anyone to use this company, they were great to work with.

    Thanks again for all your help.

    Rhonda Frank
    Miami Florida

  • Scott Cornell, Farmington, Utah

    Due to the help of Autoloss I was able to get my car totaled and a check for $21,090.

    — Scott Cornell
    Farmington, Utah

  • I don't think I could thank you enough...

    I don't think I could thank you enough...

    Thank you again for absolutely everything! We are so thankful for all that you have done for us & I don't think I could thank you enough…

    — Bryce & Lindsey

  • Percy Smith, Orlando, Florida

    I was very pleased with the Autoloss process. It was outlined verbally and in writing. It was an easy process that everyone should know about. I would use your service again.

    Percy Smith
    Orlando, Florida

  • California: You guys were GREAT!!!!!!

    California: You guys were GREAT!!!!!!

    Once again, I can't thank you and your team enough. I wish I had found you earlier and it would have been done sooner. We will keep your numbers handy and refer anyone we know who has these problems to you. You guys were GREAT!!!!!!


    Teri Brower

  • Wade Patout, Dallas, Texas

    We got the truck totaled so we are super happy. We are sitting in dealership getting an 09 Maxima right now.

    — Wade Patout
    Dallas, Texas

  • Lynn Wheatley, North Carolina

    I hope I don't need another car appraisal any time soon, but will know where to go if I do!

    — Lynn Wheatley
    North Carolina

  • Pradyumna Ladu, Atlanta, Georgia

    We will take the $3,000. for the diminished value on our 02 Honda. Thank you very much for your help.

    — Pradyumna Ladu
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • California: Excellent service and excellent results

    California: Excellent service and excellent results

    To Autoloss — Thank you for the excellent service and excellent results.

    In less than 2 weeks your staff was able to negotiate me over $6,000 more than Mercury Insurance Company was offering on my 2010 Toyota Prius. Mercury did not even have the correct package on my vehicle. I am forever grateful to you and will tell my friends about your service.

    Scott Johnson

  • Dr. Bob, Atlanta, Georgia


    Many thanks for all your help and professional guidance in getting me a fair settlement for my M-5.

    All the best,

    Dr. Bob
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Raymond Ovsepyan, Del Mar, California

    Thanks for all the hard work on my total loss claim. I was originally offered $4,066 and now I have the claim settled for $7,718.

    — Raymond Ovsepyan
    Del Mar, California

  • Josh Stump, Atlanta, Georgia

    I just got the verdict on my case and I won! Thank you guys so much for helping me through this process! If I ever need help with something like this again I will be sure to call, I have already referred a few people your way who are in similar situations. You guys are great with diminished value claims!

    Thanks again,

    Josh Stump
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Diego Betancourt, Florida

    Thank you, Monica and the Autoloss team for such a professional job done with the appraisal and insurance negotiation of my '87 VW Vanagon Syncro camper.

    It's unbelievable that they tried to take advantage of the fire in my engine, to pay $5,800 for a total loss of the vehicle.

    Thanks to your negotiating ability and constant follow up with my insurance, we were able to get so much closer to the real value of this collector's item and today just got a check for $36,000 to cover the total loss of my beloved collectible VW Van.

    I really appreciate all your efforts and negotiation skills.

    Diego Betancourt
    Key Biscayne, Florida

  • Roy Campbell, Georgia (2)

    I finally settled with Progressive for $4 K for Diminished Value. I appreciate your assistance with this matter and will refer you to anyone that has a accident.

    — Roy Campbell

  • Paramus, NJ - Tremendous service

    Your modest fee is a small part of the tremendous service you provide…responsive customer support yielded a successful result on my DV claim which without your guidance would never have happened….

    A true believer!!!

    Alan Goldstein
    The Goldstein Group
    45 Eisenhower Drive | Suite 500
    Paramus, NJ 07652
    O. 201.703.9700 x113
    F. 201.703.9678

  • Don Nordahl, Miramar, Florida


    Today I got my settlement check from The Hartford. After sales tax was added, the total is around $17,000. Before you got involved I was getting nowhere with The Hartford, stuck with CCC Valuescope's low ball estimates. Your company offers a valuable service at a fair price and I will be sure to spread the word to others in my predicament. Thanks so much for your help.

    Don Nordahl
    Miramar, Florida

  • David Lane, Reno, Nevada

    The vehicle only had minor damage but due to the appraisal and your help Allstate wrote me a check within three weeks.

    — David Lane
    Reno, Nevada

  • Nathan C. Mason


    Thanks again so very much for all your advice in how to handle this. Notice below, what Dempsey came back with after seeing you report. I got a call from Liberty this morning and they offered $6,000, or what I originally sent them from Team Chevrolet, and they thought that was far  too much. So, after contacting you and getting the your DV comps., and paying for my own CarFax, I told them I’d settle for $8,000 or see them in court. They are sending me the $8,000.

    I appreciate all your help, and will recommend anyone to contact you first, in the event they need help with this.


    Nathan C. Mason
    AT&T OSP Project Manager
    770-750-6067 office
    770-750-6645 fax
    770-906-8097 cell

  • Mary Kiperman, Houston, Texas

    Progressive only offered me $13,000 and after negotiating with Progressive for 3 days I called Autoloss. They completed the appraisal and negotiated my claim and within 2 weeks I received a check from Progressive for $18,090.

    — Mary Kiperman
    Houston, Texas

  • Michigan: Very happy with total loss offer

    Michigan: Very happy with total loss offer

    Very happy with the new total loss offer of $16,800 for my 04 Chevy Tahoe. I want to settle the claim and move on. I was very impressed with the service and the results.

    Thanks for everything,

    Matt Rose

  • Joy Schmidt, Dallas, Texas

    The adjuster at Allstate stated he had never heard of diminished value and once I pressed him further he stated that Allstate did not pay diminished value... I finally called Autoloss desperate for help. They filed a claim for diminished value within 48 hours and within 2 weeks I received my diminished value check from Allstate for $10,900.

    — Joy Schmidt
    Dallas, Texas

  • John Yancey, Houston, Texas

    Hi. Just wanted to let you know I settled with Nationwide for $3,600. What a change from $617.82! Thanks for your service, I highly recommend you guys! What a pity insurance companies don't do the right thing in the first place.


    John Yancey
    Houston, Texas

  • Demitri Stankowiak, Seattle, Washington (2)

    Farmers was using a CCC report and stated my Volkswagen had a branded title and worth 60% less then what I thought it was. Autoloss fought for me and in two weeks they had the branded title removed and I got 100% of what my car was worth.

    — Demitri Stankowiak
    Seattle, Washington

  • Dave Roundtree, Miami, Florida

    I spoke with Autoloss and they sent me a DV appraisal that day. They faxed it over to State Farm and within two weeks, I was going to the State Farm office to get my check for $22,500.

    — Dave Roundtree
    Miami, Florida

  • Dick Sullivan, Executive Vice President, Atlanta Falcons

    ...Working with you was such a very positive experience. You exceeded my expectations! In the end -- you helped with all the details of the transaction, from scheduling third party appraisers to umpires to receiving the final settlement payment from the insurance company. Bottom-line, the experience was great, and the financial benefit of using your company was worth thousands of dollars!

    — Dick Sullivan
    Executive Vice President, Atlanta Falcons

  • California: Without your appraisal, I would have been forced to settle

    California: Without your appraisal, I would have been forced to settle

    I just wanted to thank you and Terry for all you help in assisting me to get my vehicle repaired. There is no doubt in my mind that my insurance company would not have fixed my car if your company had not been involved. Without your appraisal, I would have been forced to settle for an unreasonably low settlement.

    — Christine Carevich

  • Mary Townsend, Houston, Texas

    Went from $0, as an offer from them, to $3000 :)

    Mary Townsend
    Houston, Texas

  • Langton Richards

    Langton Richards' 1988 BMW M5 with Dinan Engine...I cannot praise or recommend Terry and Autoloss enough. They did excellent work for me and I can now see why it is not a good idea to assume that your insurance company will treat you fairly...
    — Langton Richards
    Custom BMW M5 owner

  • Alex A. — Detroit, Michigan

    Thank you so much.

    I have settled the claim with AAA insurance company for $26,055. up from $21,499.

    I am very happy with the settlement and I will be glad to refer my friends to you. The claim took 6 weeks but definitely worth the fee of $499 and the time.

    Alex A.
    Detroit, Michigan

  • Gary L. Chambers, Santa Ana, California

    Dear Mr. Fisher,

    This is to advise you that the matter has recently been resolved by way of settlement.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, patience, and expert assitance in this matter. Your office staff was professional and kind during the coordination of your deposition and trial testimony, and our sincere appreciation is hereby directed to them as well.

    This result would not have been possible without your assistance and cooperation. Once again, thank you.

    Very truly yours,

    Gary L. Chambers
    Law Offices of Chambers, Noronha & Kubota
    Santa Ana, California

  • Felicia Woods - Atlanta, Georgia

    Thanks for your help. James Wilson and I really appreciate everything you and your company did to help us get a fair amount for the damage done to our vehicle. We will refer as many people as possible to you guys. Thanks again.


    Felicia Woods
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Tom, Houston, Texas

    Just wanted to let you know that I received a check today for $2,485.00—

    — Tom
    Houston, Texas

  • Trinity, Florida: The services you provide are amazing

    Thank you so much for your service. The services you provide are amazing. Thank you again for making my misfortune a pleasurable experience. I also would like to update you and let you know that I settled with the insurance company today. I settled for a figure I arrived at, not the insurance company's lower price. Thanks to Autoloss for arming me with the proper tools to exercise such a task. I am very pleased with my diminished value claim settlement.

    Floyd Holmes
    Trinity, FL

  • Jack Donnelly, LTC, US Army (Ret)

    Thank you from car appraisal customer Jack DonnellyThanks for your tenacious persistence in prosecuting my claim with USAA... Without your expertise I never would have gotten over $21K plus tax from them. I have recommended you to friends and will continue to do so in the future.

    — Jack Donnelly
    LTC, US Army (Ret)
    Tampa, Florida

  • Andrew Kato

    I would recommend to anyone who is thinking that their or another insurance company is trying to take advantage of them — which they almost certainly will — to use the friendly and helpful people with this company. They are great at what they do and will get you the results that you want.

    — Andrew Kato

  • Houston, Texas: Thank you for the diminished value estimate

    I would like to thank you for the diminished value estimate. Finally, as of yesterday, Progressive agreed to totaling my Porsche. Had it not been for your estimate, I feel my relentless hounding them to total the vehicle would not have been as effective.

    Thanks again,

    Blake Howell
    Houston, Texas

  • E. Gill, Beaverton, Oregon

    Hello Monica,

    I wanted to take a second to thank you for your hard work. I was really happy with my settlement from Allstate. It was money well spent. I paid $249, and got an additional $4,700 more. Not too bad for a minor investment.

    E. Gill
    Beaverton, Oregon

  • Chuck Smith, Happy Valley, Oregon

    I am happy to report that I have settled my diminished value claim against 21st Century. I received a check for over $5,000 for an appraisal that you wrote for $6,000. I also had them send me a check for $299 for my appraisal fee. I am very happy with the results and I am going to buy the new car I wanted.

    Chuck Smith
    Happy Valley, Oregon

  • John Nelson, Marietta, Georgia

    I have a check for $6,976.00 in my hand. I cannot believe Allstate only offered me $878.00. The diminished value report I received from Autoloss obviously was what I needed. Thank You!

    — John Nelson
    Marietta, Georgia

  • Larry and Kathy, Maryland

    Kathy and I would like to thank you for all your help during this entire process. I got them to settle for $7000.00 yesterday.

    — Larry and Kathy

  • Dave Gordon, Raleigh, North Carolina

    Due to your diminished value appraisal USAA wrote me a check for $5,800 more then they offered me initially.

    — Dave Gordon
    Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Portland, Oregon: State Farm has approved the full amount of my diminished value claim

    Pleased to inform you all that State Farm has approved the full amount of my diminished value claim, and will also be reimbursing me back the fee paid to your company. Thanks for your assistance with this matter.

    Lucille Pope
    Portland, Oregon

  • Hutto, Texas: We appreciate all you’ve done

    I wanted to let you know we settled with the adjuster for $3,200 or ~ 76% of the quoted Diminished Value. It’s not exactly what our bottom was ($3,800) but it’s something.

    Thank you very we appreciate all you’ve done to help settle our property claim.

    Steven and Jennifer Roberts
    Hutto, Texas

  • Tom Cosgrove, Asheville, North Carolina

    Just a short note to thank you for your timely, professional and detailed report. We were ultimately able to negotiate an appropriate compensation — double the insurance company's initial offer — when we utilized your service. Thanks again.

    Tom Cosgrove
    Asheville, North Carolina

  • Victor Vlas, Bothell, Washington

    Victor Vlas' 2003 BMW M3Thanks Autoloss for the $4,800 for the diminished value on my 03 BMW M3.

    — Victor Vlas
    2003 BMW
    Bothell, Washington

  • Portland, Oregon: Nice Work

    Portland, Oregon: Nice Work

    Your diminished value report was accepted without objection by the defense lawyer as the measure of the loss at the arbitration hearing. Nice work.

    Don Nash
    Portland Oregon

  • Tamera Herring, Georgia (2)

    We decided to settle for $4000.00 and use the rest as a tax deduction. Thanks for all your help. You really made a difference. It was a long shot from $500.00.

    — Tamera Herring

  • Seattle, Washington: Awesome Job

    I am pleased with the results. I am definitely going to pass along your name and business to other people in the same position that I was in. Again, awesome job. Take care. Thanks for the additional $3,500 for my truck.

    Ron Maggiolino
    Seattle, Washington

  • Marc Cardinal, Attorney at Law

    Hi Terry,

    To follow up on this matter, CSAA totaled the vehicle yesterday. CSAA paid my client's claim for the vehicle.

    Thanks for your help, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Marc Cardinal
    Attorney at Law

  • Michelle Ford, Raleigh, North Carolina

    I want to thank Autoloss for your assistance and timely responses. I was able to get the full amount for my total loss claim. I was surprised at how easy it was working with your company.

    Again, thank you for your help.

    Michelle Ford
    2001 Toyota Camry
    Raleigh, North Carolina

  • David Shoe, Houston, Texas

    I called Autoloss and they e-mailed me a rough draft of my appraisal and they itemized all my upgrades and settled the claim for $8,000 two weeks later. They did everything for me.

    — David Shoe
    Houston, Texas

  • Megan Broswell, Springfield, Missouri

    I contacted Autoloss because the web site claimed that they averaged around $2,000 more than insurance companies originally offered... Terry Fisher succeeded in raising the payout over $3,000 more than the original offer from my insurance company. The wait and the small fee for the service were definitely worth the outcome.

    — Megan Broswell
    Springfield, Missouri

  • Charlotte Baggett, Washington, D.C.

    Thank you for your help. Thank you for your web site Your experience, your published claim report, and the diminished claim manual were exactly the tools that I needed to pursue this claim.

    — Charlotte Baggett
    Washington, D.C.

  • Abdihakim Abdullahi, Spokane, Washington

    They paid me at the full amount of diminished value on my claim. The amount was $3,995. I am very happy and it only took a few days.


    Abdihakim Abdullahi
    Spokane, Washington

  • Darrel Purdy, California

    I am almost in tears I am so happy... ADP Auto Source stated the value of my truck was approximately $10,000. I had put over $7,000 in upgrades into the vehicle and ADP was giving me $200 for my upgrades...Within 2 weeks, Terry came back to me with a new offer of $17, 635.

    — Darrel Purdy

  • Canby, Oregon: Expedient and Thorough appraisal

    My husband and I would like to thank Monica Fisher of Autoloss for the expedient and thorough appraisal of our very rare and completely gorgeous 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone. We didn't give Monica much time to pull together all the information she needed to give a fair appraisal of this car, but in spite of the constricted timeline she did it and we found her written evaluation very professional and completely comprehensive.

    We would highly recommend using Monica Fisher of Autoloss to others who may be in need of a certified appraisal. We are happy to say that we would certainly use this company again.

    Most sincerely,

    Dr. Bill E. Hill and Susan J. Hill
    Canby, Oregon

  • Ross Anderson - Council Bluffs, IA

    Hi Monica,

    I want to inform you that I've finally settled my DV claim with Berkley Risk for $19,577.00 which is a little less than your appraisal but I feel is a reasonable compromise especially considering that I would have settled for a lot less had I not hired you to do the appraisal for me.

    Thank you for your help,

    Ross Anderson
    Council Bluffs, IA

  • Betty Newton, Richmond, Virginia

    Progressive paid me the full amount of diminished value that Autoloss quoted in their appraisal. Thank you for your thorough report and great claim assistance.

    — Betty Newton
    Richmond, Virginia

  • The Wright Family, Wilmington, North Carolina

    We got an additional $2,500 for my diminished value claim against USAA for my 1999 BMW.

    — The Wright Family
    Wilmington, North Carolina

  • Arlene and Bob Sigourney

    Thanks for the help getting the $8,120. We never would have received a penny without your help.

    — Arlene and Bob Sigourney

  • Monique & Steve Hanson, Raeford, North Carolina

    Good Afternoon,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have settled my diminished value claim and to my surprise, they didn't even counter offer! They accepted the report you gave them and verified that it was indeed accurate. Thank you for all your help and professionalism. I couldn't have done it without you guys!


    Monique & Steve Hanson
    Raeford, North Carolina

  • John Smith, Miami, Florida

    Once USAA received the diminished value appraisal they totaled my car that week. I don't know what I would have done without Autoloss.

    — John Smith
    Miami, Florida

  • Diane Draughon - Portland, Oregon

    Thank you Autoloss, for getting me triple the money for my diminished value claim in Oregon. I could not have done it without your help.

    Greatly Appreciated,

    Diane Draughon
    Portland, Oregon

  • George W. Strine, Bothell, Washington

    Happy thanksgiving from a former client! And thanks again for your help! Worth every penny!

    — George W. Strine
    Bothell, Washington

  • Marshall Goldstein, New York, New York

    I would like to thank you for the fine job you did in settling my claim with State Farm Insurance. The settlement of $10,000 was in the ballpark of what I thought my vehicle was worth based upon dealer retail price.

    — Marshall Goldstein
    New York, New York

  • Libbi Layton, Vancouver, Washington

    Having an advocate in a situation when I thought I had none was a great mental relief.

    — Libbi Layton
    Vancouver, Washington

  • Vijay S., Beaverton, Oregon

    Thank you very much for working on my case.

    When State Farm got your report they stated it was the most comprehensive Diminished Value report they had ever seen. State Farm wrote me a check for the full amount of my claim. Thanks for reminding me to get reimbursed my $299 diminished value report fee, too.

    Vijay S.
    Beaverton, Oregon

    (I also told my friends at Intel about your business. I have a few friends that will be calling you.)

  • Rita Mix, Atlanta, Georgia

    6 weeks later, I received my original demand for $8,250 with no muss, no fuss. I am blown away by the service for a very reasonable fee. They surely have a magic wand!

    — Rita Mix
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Westminster, Colorado: Very satisfied with the new offer

    Westminster, Colorado: Very satisfied with the new offer

    I will take the new offer of $5,000 for on my 91 Lexus. I am very satisfied with the new offer. My initial offer from Ameriprise Insurance Company was only $2,500 and I knew the offer was way too low especially since I had just put a new Navigation System in the vehicle.

    Thank You,
    Ali Ashori
    Westminster, Colorado

  • Thank You, Tien Le, Spokane, Washington

    Autoloss was able to get me an additional $2,000 more than the original settlement and I am going to tell all my friends about you.

    — Tien Le
    Spokane, Washington

  • Clearwater, Florida: I appreciate your patience, assistance and advice

    Clearwater, Florida: I appreciate your patience, assistance and advice

    I have discussed with the Progressive adjuster and we reached a solution at a settlement amount of $12,401.60 + the Appraiser Fee of $399 I have paid. I agreed that. Hence I request you to revert from the further processing of my claim. I really appreciate your patience, assistance and advice for processing this claim.

    Subin Babu
    Clearwater, Florida

  • Dallas, Texas: All-out Support

    Hi Monica,

    This is to inform you that the DV claim for my 2014 Corolla has got settled now. The other party has sent a check for the claimed amount and I've got the money.

    I would like take this opportunity to thank you and your staffs for your great support. I'm very happy with your service. You and your staff were very supportive during this difficult time. They were readily accessible, quick in their response and were ready to provide all-out support. Please let me know if there is a way for me to provide my feedback online.


    Niraj Kumar
    Dallas, Texas

  • Danny Scott, Tampa, Florida

    Nationwide Insurance Company made me an offer that I accepted after some negotiations of $4,000.

    — Danny Scott
    Tampa, Florida

  • John McKinion

    Just wanted to let you know that progressive just settled with me. We settled at $18500 when their original offer was $13156.

    Thanks for everything Monica.  I will recommend you to everyone I know.

    John McKinion

  • Cory Caloraso, Pensacola, Florida

    Farmers ran a CCC report and offered me $10,000. I was so mad. I called Autoloss and signed up immediately. One week later Autoloss notified me that they had a new offer for me for $18,000. I was so happy. I was able to buy another Mercedes and I finally felt whole.

    — Cory Caloraso
    Pensacola, Florida

  • Joy Waddel, Honolulu, Hawaii

    Once Traveler's received your appraisal I received a check for $5,000 for diminished value on my 2004 Honda Accord.

    — Joy Waddel
    Honolulu, Hawaii

  • $6529 dollars more

    $6529 dollars more

    Hi Monica,

    You got us $6529 dollars more than what Farmers' final offer was!!! Thanks again...

    Debra and Scott Davis

  • Rick R., Portland, Oregon

    Thanks for all the work. You completed a diminished appraisal for me for $10,079 on my 08 GMC Envoy and within 1 month Allstate offered me $8,000 for diminished value.

    — Rick R.
    Portland, Oregon

  • Jeff Tillea, Manager at Joe Hall Ford in Boise Idaho

    To Autoloss:

    I am so happy with your service I wish I could hug you. After being screwed by Safeco you got me $3,000 more on my 1988 Ford Truck.

    Safeco was trying to offer me only $2,500 after I had put a ton of money into my truck. Now, I can get my truck back and get it fixed.

    I am very happy.

    Jeff Tillea,
    Manager at Joe Hall Ford in Boise Idaho

  • Mack, Nissan owner

    I spoke to Monica at Auto Loss and she literally "WOWED" me with her knowledge and courteous customer service... After a few weeks of negotiations with the insurance company I was issued a check for $4500. Needless to say, working with AutoLoss was one of the best investments I have ever made.

    — Mack
    Nissan owner

  • Ed Ling, Sacramento, CA

    My State Farm agent gave me your name and number and told me that Autoloss wrote the best appraisal he had ever seen.

    — Ed Ling
    Sacramento, California

  • Monica Lahr

    Autoloss helped get me a check for almost $10,000 within a week...

    — Monica Lahr

  • Keith M., Texas

    Due to your hard work, customer service, and follow up we ended at $6,037 for diminished value on my 2004 Nissan.

    — Keith M.

  • John Basset, Houston, Texas

    I had hired another diminished value company and I was only able to get $3,000 and I was so frustrated. Finally, I called Autoloss... After purchasing the diminished value appraisal and some follow up with your employees, Farmers wrote me a check for $15,000... I could not have done it without you.

    — John Basset
    Houston, Texas

  • Rich Boyd Chandler Arizona

    Hi Monica,

    Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that State Farm has settled the claim with me, and that I was pleased with the settlement; apparently, just knowing that I was looking at diminished value as well was enough of an incentive for them to total the vehicle and make an attractive offer.

    Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.

    Rich Boyd Chandler


  • Chris Clark, Florida

    Thank You Autoloss.

    Two weeks after sending the report to the other insurance co., they paid us $ 6,000.00 with no questions asked, above the minimum in the report. I will highly recommend your services to friends & family.

    Thanx again, your fee is well worth the reward. We got what we deserve but would not have gotten anything if we didn't pursue this. Now our car is paid off.

    Chris Clark

  • Tom Silva, Jacksonville, Florida

    Just wanted to let you know I received the check yesterday from Farmers. I know we asked for $7,500 but I was happy to get the check for $6,500. Initially, I would have settled for $4,000 but I am happy for the extra money.

    Thanks again for all of your assistance.

    Tom Silva
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Ralph Ratcliffe, Austin, Texas

    Ralph Ratcliffe's Honda Civic Si CoupeState Farm was being very difficulty initially so I called Terry Fisher. After Autoloss wrote a comprehensive total loss appraisal State Farm settled for $2,000 more then the initial offer.

    — Ralph Ratcliffe
    Austin, Texas

  • Virginia: Total loss auto claim settled for $26,500

    Virginia: Total loss auto claim settled for $26,500


    We agreed to settle Robert Finch's total loss auto claim with USAA for $26,500.00 — bottom line number after tax, title, etc.

    Thanks for all your help on this claim. USAA would not have settled for this amount without your appraisal. The difference from where we started ten weeks ago is over $4,000.00.

    Thanks again,

    Tom Finch

  • Miami, Florida: Quick turnaround

    Writing to say thank you for the quick turnaround on my DV claim. You have been a joy to work with, and especially to talk to.

    David Acheson
    Miami, Florida

  • Maurie McInnis, Charlottesville, Virginia

    When I came to Autoloss, USSA had only offered me $16,129 and within 3 days of you turning in the claim I was able to negotiate a new offer of $18,300. I could not have done this without you and I will tell all my friends about you.

    — Maurie McInnis
    Charlottesville, Virginia

  • Atlanta, Georgia: You guys do a great job

    Hi Autoloss,

    I would like to inform you that we finally settled the claim for $8,911 and I am allowed to keep the car.

    Thank you very much for hanging in there with me and all your help!

    You guys do a great job and I will gladly recommend you to others.

    Gerhard Glas
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Sara Stover, Milton, Washington

    I am so glad I found Autoloss. I started dealing with the insurance company months ago and all they would give me was $6,700 for my 97 Toyota Truck... Autoloss faxed in the report and a few weeks later they called me back with a new offer of $9,500 for my total loss claim. I am beyond happy with the new amount and with Autoloss. Amazing.

    — Sara Stover
    Milton, Washington

  • Auto Tech Collision, Tacoma WA

    Autoloss helped me get $7500 more out of my RSTI when it was stolen.

    Quick story on  Autoloss: The insurance company wanted to total out my 2000 Subaru RS for $10,000 after my $500 deductible. I contacted Monica and paid her $500 to do an appraisal on my car for how much it's worth. I provided her with all the pictures, receipts, and also other web links on my car and other Subaru members with my car and similar swaps. They appraised my car @ $22,000 with all my mods.

    A week later they negotiated with Progressive's own appraiser and decided to agree on $17,500. I invested $8,000 on the car and about $6,000 for the conversion and I also had extra parts laying around, too.

    So if you need help just let me know. I'm usually at my friends shop in Auburn on Saturdays.

    Auto Tech Collision
    2911 S Tacoma Way
    Tacoma, WA 98409
    (253) 471-0161

    Ask for Mike

  • Seattle, Washington: Fast, professional, and friendly

    I'm so glad I've got Autoloss to help me with my Diminished Value Claim! Autoloss' service was consistently fast, professional, and friendly. They helped me from the beginning, all the way until successful resolution of my diminished value claim. They sure are experts in their area, they know what insurance companies say, and what to do and respond in order to settle for a fair amount, not a tiny unfair amount insurance companies offer first. My sincere thanks to Erik, Monica, and the rest of Autoloss Team for their superb service.

    Claudio Pacciarini
    Seattle, Washington

  • Chad Tuttle, California

    The insurance company called today to accept our offer. They accepted Terry's report and will be totaling the vehicle.

    — Chad Tuttle

  • Anthony Howell, Silver City, New Mexico

    After contacting AutoLoss, the appraised value increased 150% and State Farm is repairing my car. Don't hesitate like I did, AutoLoss knows how to negotiate with unscrupulous insurance companies.

    — Anthony Howell
    Silver City, New Mexico

  • K. Jain, Atlanta, Georgia

    Dear Monica,

    Thank you so much for helping my case for appealing the amount that the insurance company had offered as diminished value.

    I would really like to recommend you and the services provided by Autoloss. Not just did you all get the job done but you also negotiated a higher amount than I was anticipating. I had wanted to appeal this just for the principle of it, but you deftly negotiated and got me twice the amount the insurance company had offered me initially to settle the claim.

    Thank you for talking with me patiently to calm all my hesitation and "suspicions" regarding this process. :) You were most helpful in providing all the information that I had needed to learn about how this is handled in the insurance industry world.

    To anyone reading this review, don't hesitate to have autoloss do your assessment. Have faith and patience in their abilities to turn this around in your favour! I am indeed very pleased with the outcome.

    Thank you again!


    K. Jain
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Steve Lefferts, Maryland

    Steve Lefferts' 1994 Toyota MR2After talking to Terry I decided to hire Autoloss for $495 and within 2 weeks my offer from State Farm went from $7,500 to $16,000. Best money I ever spent.

    — Steve Lefferts
    Very Satisfied customer

  • Josh Mallard, NFL Defensive End

    Josh Mallard: Tell them I sent you!After my brand new truck was recovered after being stolen, I was sent a $750 check from my insurance company for diminished value... Terry walked me thru everything... After 2 weeks, my insurance company offered a new settlement of $5719.40. Autoloss hit the ball out of the park and I'm sure that they would do the same for you!!! ...Tell them I sent you!!

    — Josh Mallard
    NFL Defensive End