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Diminished Value claim in Oregon

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We are Oregon-Licensed Appraisers

In the state of Oregon, if you are in a wreck and the accident was not your fault you are entitled to file a claim for diminished value. The following cases are pertinent to the State of Oregon and Diminished Value:

In Jose Gonzales v. Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon the Oregon Supreme Court rules that insurance consumers can collect for diminished value under their own policy unless it is specificly excluded. 

Here is an excerpt from that ruling:

Jose Gonzales v. Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon, et al., (TC 9910-11479) (CA A128598) (SC S054486)

On review from the Court of Appeals in an appeal from the Multnomah County Circuit Court, Frank L. Bearden, Judge. 210 Or App 54, 150 P3d 20 (2006). The decision of the Court of Appeals is affirmed. The judgment of the circuit court is reversed, and the case is remanded to the circuit court for further proceedings. Opinion of the Court by Justice Robert D. Durham.

Today, the Oregon Supreme Court interpreted a collision insurance policy and concluded that that particular policy's use of the term "repair" obligated the insurer to restore a damaged insured vehicle to its condition prior to the collision, or to compensate the insured for any reduction of the vehicle's value resulting from the collision.

Defendants Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon, Farmers Insurance Exchange, Farmers Group, Inc., and Mid-Century Insurance Company issued an automobile insurance policy to plaintiff Jose Gonzales. Plaintiff's vehicle suffered damage in an accident, and defendants paid for repairs, but the repairs did not restore the vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Plaintiff filed suit against defendants to recover compensation for the diminished value of his vehicle. Defendants acknowledged that the policy obligated them to "repair or replace" the vehicle, but argued that the term "repair" did not incorporate a duty to pay for a loss in value. The trial court agreed, and granted summary judgment to defendants. The Court of Appeals reversed and held that, under the terms of the policy, defendants were obligated to compensate plaintiff for his vehicle's diminution in value due to the accident.

Dunmire Motor Company v. Oregon Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 166 Ore 690 (1941) the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that the insured was entitled to the difference between the pre and post-loss value of the vehicle and the proper repair of the car may not accomplish this result.

In Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Co. v. Wildish Construction Co., 306 Or. 102, 758 P.2d 836 (Or. 07/06/1988) the court found that with regard to real property the cost of repair is a more accurate measure of damages than diminution of value.

In order to recover the losses you must have a diminished value appraisal completed by a professional automobile appraisal company, such as Autoloss. Also, if the other party does not have insurance and you carry uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage you may be able to claim diminished value under your policy. Autoloss can help the Oregon Consumer in many ways. Autoloss’s Corporate Headquarters is in Oregon. CEO Monica Fisher is a licensed Oregon Automobile Appraiser. Call 877-655-1661 so Autoloss can help you recover your losses today. Also, the statue of limitations for filing a diminished value claim in Oregon is 6 years from the date of loss.

Oregon Success Stories

  • Jim Vick

    Terry worked up the diminished value component of our case. After his testimony at trial, the jury awarded full value.

    — Jim Vick
    Vick & Glantz, LLP

  • California: Happy with the settlement

    California: Happy with the settlement

    Thanks for all the help. I am happy with the settlement of $5,600 and I will call Autoloss if I ever have problems with Farmers again. I feel this settlement is much fairer.


    George Mendoza

  • Thomas Smith, Houston, Texas

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for all of your hard work. My lawyer said we would have not gotten the $29,000 settlement in court without your expert witness testimony. I know it was a pain to come to Houston, Texas, but it really helped my case.


    Thomas Smith
    Houston, Texas

  • Tim, Atlanta, Georgia

    I appreciate all of the advice and counsel you provided throughout this process. In the future, I will not hesitate to recommend AGA to my friends/family should they face a similar situation.

    — Tim
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Yvette Hall, Alvin, Texas

    ...They finally came back with a number of $8,000 for diminished value on my 2002 Chevy Corvette... Thank you for all of your help...we greatly appreciated everything!!!

    — Yvette Hall
    Alvin, Texas

  • Scottsdale, Arizona: We settled

    Hi Autoloss,

    Thank you for your assistance, I did hear back from the insurance company and we settled on 5K as the diminished value.

    Thank you again,

    Jay Cooper
    Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Steve Fortgang, Hollywood, Florida

    It has occurred to me that 'John Q. Public' knows nothing of what diminished value is. In fact, if it weren't for my son's friend saying to me that I should make a claim… I too would never know.

  • Marshall Goldstein, New York, New York

    I would like to thank you for the fine job you did in settling my claim with State Farm Insurance. The settlement of $10,000 was in the ballpark of what I thought my vehicle was worth based upon dealer retail price.

    — Marshall Goldstein
    New York, New York

  • Diana

    Thank you so much for the work you did for me and I will definitely let everyone know how to go about this process and who I used to recoup what was owed me.

    — Diana
    2005 Kia owner

  • Thomas Alas, Houston, Texas

    Hey Monica,

    They totaled the car and I made a few thousand after paying it off.

    Thanks for your help.

    Thomas Alas
    Houston, Texas

  • Washington: Full amount for diminished value

    I just got Alex, the adjuster, on phone, and he just let me know they got all the information they needed and they will be mailing me my cheque with the full amount for the diminished value on my Nissan.

  • Raymond Ovsepyan, Del Mar, California

    Thanks for all the hard work on my total loss claim. I was originally offered $4,066 and now I have the claim settled for $7,718.

    — Raymond Ovsepyan
    Del Mar, California

  • Josh Chovanec, Ruston, LA

    My G8GT was hit by a lady in town. The damages were $2,7xx and I started a DV claim. The DV agent started to give me hell, so I immediately went to Autoloss. They came through with a great report. I supplied the report to the ladies insurance and they gave me the run around for months, while Autoloss continued great customer service and supplied facts. You must take your time and know Autoloss is going to build a perfect case along the way with every error the insurance company makes. I made sure to only communicate through email to document every step with the DV Agent. You have to continue to push the insurance company with these facts to make them work to your benefit. It finally came down to the DV agent drawing a line in the sand with a low ball offer. So Autoloss helped lead me towards reporting my case to the State Insurance Commissioner. I packaged together everything Autoloss supplied me with and my communications with the DV agent. I was able to pin point the errors and tactics the insurance company was using against me, due to the education Autoloss provided me with. Needless to say the state is now investigating my case with the insurance company and an insurance company manager called me to settle today at 3.5 times more than the original offer the DV agent drew the line on. Erik is amazing at Autoloss. He always makes time for your call and comes through in every way. If you need any insurance help, contact Autoloss. They are amazing.

    Josh Chovanec
    Ruston, LA
    Originally posted at

  • Michelle T., Texas

    You really do fight for us and I really enjoyed working with you. I spoke with many companies and your company was the only company I felt really worked for the consumers.

    — Michelle T.

  • Andrea Valdez, Gilbert, Arizona

    Andrea Valdez's 2005 Cadillac EscaladeI received over $6,000 because of Autoloss. Terry Fisher took care of everything on my total loss claim...

    — Andrea Valdez
    Gilbert, Arizona

  • Lori Huey, Estate Classics, Dallas, TX

    Thanks for the great job.....YOU DOUBLED THEIR OFFER!!!!!

    I would recommend you any time to any one! let me know if I can help you in any way…

    Lori Huey
    Owner, Estate Classics
    12817 Preston Rd., Ste # 124
    Dallas, TX 75230
    (972) 233-4401

  • Jeff Tillea, Manager at Joe Hall Ford in Boise Idaho

    To Autoloss:

    I am so happy with your service I wish I could hug you. After being screwed by Safeco you got me $3,000 more on my 1988 Ford Truck.

    Safeco was trying to offer me only $2,500 after I had put a ton of money into my truck. Now, I can get my truck back and get it fixed.

    I am very happy.

    Jeff Tillea,
    Manager at Joe Hall Ford in Boise Idaho

  • Kris Crockett, Arizona

    Kris Crockett's Toyota Tacoma TRDThanks for the extra money. I received over $2,000 more on my total loss claim and within 1 week. I am very happy with your service and you took care of everything.

    — Kris Crockett

  • Darrel Purdy, California

    I am almost in tears I am so happy... ADP Auto Source stated the value of my truck was approximately $10,000. I had put over $7,000 in upgrades into the vehicle and ADP was giving me $200 for my upgrades...Within 2 weeks, Terry came back to me with a new offer of $17, 635.

    — Darrel Purdy

  • K. Jain, Atlanta, Georgia

    Dear Monica,

    Thank you so much for helping my case for appealing the amount that the insurance company had offered as diminished value.

    I would really like to recommend you and the services provided by Autoloss. Not just did you all get the job done but you also negotiated a higher amount than I was anticipating. I had wanted to appeal this just for the principle of it, but you deftly negotiated and got me twice the amount the insurance company had offered me initially to settle the claim.

    Thank you for talking with me patiently to calm all my hesitation and "suspicions" regarding this process. :) You were most helpful in providing all the information that I had needed to learn about how this is handled in the insurance industry world.

    To anyone reading this review, don't hesitate to have autoloss do your assessment. Have faith and patience in their abilities to turn this around in your favour! I am indeed very pleased with the outcome.

    Thank you again!


    K. Jain
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Sharon White, Seattle, Washington

    ...Farmers insurance company only offered me $1,000 for diminished value on my 2001 Cadillac Escalade. I spoke with Monica Fisher and within two weeks I received a check for $9,500 for diminished value due to the appraisal and negotiations of Autoloss.

    — Sharon White
    Seattle, Washington

  • Chris Clark, Florida

    Thank You Autoloss.

    Two weeks after sending the report to the other insurance co., they paid us $ 6,000.00 with no questions asked, above the minimum in the report. I will highly recommend your services to friends & family.

    Thanx again, your fee is well worth the reward. We got what we deserve but would not have gotten anything if we didn't pursue this. Now our car is paid off.

    Chris Clark

  • Darryl Borenkoff, Louisiana

    Hello Terry,

    This is Darryl Borenkoff — Attorney at Law. I just wanted to let you know that in the matter of my client settled his D.V. claim for 2k. If he is happy, then so am I.

    More good news — within the next 2 weeks I expect to send you another auto to appraise…

    Thanks again,
    Mr. Borenkoff, Attorney at Law

  • Rex Perry

    I'm happy with my $9000 payment.

    — Rex Perry

  • George W. Strine, Bothell, Washington

    Happy thanksgiving from a former client! And thanks again for your help! Worth every penny!

    — George W. Strine
    Bothell, Washington

  • Eva Marie Achtemeier, Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Very rarely do you find a company that will, so to speak, 'go to bat for you' when you're up against an insurance company and get results. Gary Fisher of Appraiser Group has worked on two cases for us so far, the 1st case he got the insurance company to pay more than 200% over what their original offer was and in the 2nd case more than 100%.

    — Eva Marie Achtemeier
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Ross Anderson - Council Bluffs, IA

    Hi Monica,

    I want to inform you that I've finally settled my DV claim with Berkley Risk for $19,577.00 which is a little less than your appraisal but I feel is a reasonable compromise especially considering that I would have settled for a lot less had I not hired you to do the appraisal for me.

    Thank you for your help,

    Ross Anderson
    Council Bluffs, IA

  • Ed Nied

    I received quick professional help at Autoloss. They helped me get a diminished value check for almost $8,000 as well as they helped me the whole way through the process with one on one attention.

    — Ed Nied

  • Gordon Smith, Florence, Kentucky

    Thank you so much for resolving my total loss claim against Allstate. The whole process was easy, prompt, and painless.

    — Gordon Smith
    Florence, Kentucky

  • Misty in Hawaii

    I want to thank you and your staff for helping me with my Honda truck.

    Without your help I would not have been able to turn in the truck. Even with the issues Honda gave me, I’m so glad you guys were able to fix it all so I had no STRESS!!!  I appreciate it.

    Once again, Thanks,

  • Michigan: 50% higher than original appraisal

    Michigan: 50% higher than original appraisal


    I received the insurance company's payment check today for my totaled Porsche. It was fully 50% higher than their original appraisal.

    Obviously, this was a difficult collectable appraisal, and I am extremely pleased with your dilligent work in establishing a fair value. Please express my full endorsement of your firm's abilities as you see fit.


    Tom Bird
    Holland, MI

  • Diane Draughon - Portland, Oregon

    Thank you Autoloss, for getting me triple the money for my diminished value claim in Oregon. I could not have done it without your help.

    Greatly Appreciated,

    Diane Draughon
    Portland, Oregon

  • Atlanta, Georgia - Payment in full

    Hi Autoloss:

    Please tell your team they were right. I received a settlement letter amount today for payment in full for the DV claimed $3000 +$249 appraisal.

    Thank you for your support with this.

    George G. Arenas
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Portland, Oregon: I would have not gotten anything at all

    Portland, Oregon: I would have not gotten anything at all

    Terry, thanks for your help.

    I settled for $2929, which was your estimate and Farmers' divided by two, but they said as policy they would not reimburse for the appraisal. I am actually fine with it as prior to talking with you I would have not gotten anything at all. I gave your contact to someone who had their car backed into.

    John Finn
    Portland Oregon

  • Victor Vlas, Bothell, Washington

    Victor Vlas' 2003 BMW M3Thanks Autoloss for the $4,800 for the diminished value on my 03 BMW M3.

    — Victor Vlas
    2003 BMW
    Bothell, Washington

  • Tamera Herring, Georgia (2)

    We decided to settle for $4000.00 and use the rest as a tax deduction. Thanks for all your help. You really made a difference. It was a long shot from $500.00.

    — Tamera Herring

  • Langton Richards

    Langton Richards' 1988 BMW M5 with Dinan Engine...I cannot praise or recommend Terry and Autoloss enough. They did excellent work for me and I can now see why it is not a good idea to assume that your insurance company will treat you fairly...
    — Langton Richards
    Custom BMW M5 owner

  • Monica Lahr

    Autoloss helped get me a check for almost $10,000 within a week...

    — Monica Lahr

  • Tim and Suzy Wilson, San Diego, California

    I just wanted to let you know that I recently settled my diminished value claim with Progressive for $6,000. Originally, they offered me between $1,500-$3,500. Thank you so much for your help!!!!

    — Tim and Suzy Wilson
    San Diego, California

  • Patrick Grover, Washington

    Great job! I will be sure to recommend you to anyone in similar circumstances.

    — Patrick Grover

  • Kiran Annechakanahally - Hurst, TX

    Hi Terry,

    Happy new year!! I settled the claim with my insurance company. We agreed to settle it for $4000.

    Thanks for all your help. I will be more than happy to give your reference if anyone wants to file a diminished claim.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Kiran Annechakanahally
    Hurst, TX


  • Terry E., Portland, Oregon

    I just wanted to say thanks to you and your company for helping me get more money for my car. As your company advertised, I received close to $1900 more than what Farmers offered. It was a lot easier than I expected.

    — Terry E.
    Portland, Oregon

  • Andrew Saccani, California

    I would like to thank you VERY MUCH!! We just received the check, in the full amount you had proposed and have closed the claim.

    — Andrew Saccani

  • John H., Prairie Village, Kansas

    Terry called within a day of my form submission and walked me through the process. Within a few days he and Monica had created an appraisal report that valued my vehicle at over $6900. Less than a week after they sent the valuation to Farmers, they offered to settle with me for the full amount requested -- nearly twice as much as their original offer!

    — John H.
    Prairie Village, Kansas

  • Andy Poe, Portland, Oregon

    Farmers totaled my Jaguar paying off my car and sending me a check for almost $2200.00! Thanks for your help.

    — Andy Poe
    Portland, Oregon

  • Duff Main, Dallas, Texas

    With your assistance, we received $1,100 more than they originally offered. You were great to work with, acted very quickly and returned messages promptly.

    — Duff Main
    Dallas, Texas

  • Jin Ying, Vancouver, Washington

    Geico only offered my $2,200 for my 1991 Acura and with Autoloss's help they got me $6,909.

    — Jin Ying
    Vancouver, Washington

  • Sandra VanderHeyden, Florida

    I was in tears when the automobile insurance adjuster offered me only $6,000 for a car for which I had paid $18,000... You not only settled my claim for $10,000, but you also relieved me of the cumbersome negotiation with the adjuster and the related stress. The latter alone was worth the cost of service!

    — Sandra VanderHeyden

  • Dallas, Texas: All-out Support

    Hi Monica,

    This is to inform you that the DV claim for my 2014 Corolla has got settled now. The other party has sent a check for the claimed amount and I've got the money.

    I would like take this opportunity to thank you and your staffs for your great support. I'm very happy with your service. You and your staff were very supportive during this difficult time. They were readily accessible, quick in their response and were ready to provide all-out support. Please let me know if there is a way for me to provide my feedback online.


    Niraj Kumar
    Dallas, Texas

  • David Snyder, Beaverton, Oregon

    Your company did a great job — I'd refer anyone needing this service your way from here on out.

    David Snyder
    Beaverton, Oregon

  • John Robbins, Lilburn, Georgia

    We called Autoloss due to Allstate only offering us $2,000 for diminished value for our 2005 Acura with $10,000 damage. Due to their help and excellent negotiation skills we received a check the next month for $10,989.

    — John Robbins
    Lilburn, Georgia

  • Lena Gonzalez — Sterling, Texas

    To Autoloss:

    I'm very grateful that I called Autoloss. Through my frustration in dealing with the Allstate I called Autoloss, and it became a very simple process for me. I received a full payment of diminished value from Allstate quickly and I am very grateful for everything. Allstate wrote me a check for the exact amount Autoloss asked for.

    Thank you very much,

    Lena Gonzalez
    Sterling, Texas

  • Candi Rice

    Due to Autoloss I got almost $6,000 more then I was offered 1 week earlier on my 1980 Jeep. I was amazed. I will tell everyone about your company. Autoloss is amazing.

    — Candi Rice
    1980 Jeep Arizona owner

  • Jerry Linder, Dallas, Texas

    Thank God for Autoloss. I really believe they saved me $15,000 and much heartache.

    — Jerry Linder
    Dallas, Texas

  • Jeff Barnett, California

    You are absolutely awesome!!! Best $500 I ever spent... Thank you for taking care of me.

    — Jeff Barnett
    Received over $3,000 more than initial offer

  • Mrs. Peterson, Lake Oswego, Oregon

    Autoloss advocated for me and due to a diminished value appraisal State Farm totaled my 1999 Mercedes Benz and I was able to go buy another vehicle just like it. I highly recommend Autoloss.

    — Mrs. Peterson
    Lake Oswego, Oregon

  • Debra Pull, Austin, Texas

    Because of Autoloss I was able to get $3,090 more than the insurance company was offering me initially.

    — Debra Pull
    Austin, Texas

  • Mark Helotie

    Just so every one is aware, I just took a call from Allstate. They are cutting a check right now, and it will go out in the mail tomorrow. Full amount.

    Thanks SO much! Very pleased....

    Mark Helotie

  • Andrew Kato

    I would recommend to anyone who is thinking that their or another insurance company is trying to take advantage of them — which they almost certainly will — to use the friendly and helpful people with this company. They are great at what they do and will get you the results that you want.

    — Andrew Kato

  • Shankar S., Dallas Texas

    Hi Autoloss,

    After we submitted the letter to Insurance Commissioner earlier last week, I received a cheque for Original stated diminished value of $4,065 from State Farm Insurance company on Dec 13, 2014. Thank you so much for your continuous support and help in this regards.

    Keep up your great work and wishing you a great vacation and new year ahead.


    Shankar S.
    Dallas Texas

  • Anthony Ricci, Atlanta, Georgia

    Anthony Ricci's 2007 Infiniti FX35I will take the $5,000 for diminished value on my vehicle. Good Job and I am very happy.

    — Anthony Ricci
    Atlanta Georgia

  • California: Without your appraisal, I would have been forced to settle

    California: Without your appraisal, I would have been forced to settle

    I just wanted to thank you and Terry for all you help in assisting me to get my vehicle repaired. There is no doubt in my mind that my insurance company would not have fixed my car if your company had not been involved. Without your appraisal, I would have been forced to settle for an unreasonably low settlement.

    — Christine Carevich

  • Brian Lamb, Chicago, IL

    Amazing — State Farm totaled my vehicle and re-imbursed me for the diminished value report. I am so grateful for your company and all the help you have given me.

    Because of Autoloss’s diminished value report, State Farm totaled my 07 Ford Truck and even paid me back for your report.

    Feel free to give any possible customer my name and number. I have already told a local body shop about your services and they should be calling you. His name is Vic and I told him to tell you I referred him to you.

    Thanks so much,

    Brian Lamb
    Chicago, IL

  • Orlando, Florida: Settled with Geico

    Good Morning,

    Just wanted to let you know that we have settled with Geico for $3,000.00! Thank you for your help!

    Chelle Kozy, C-TAGME
    Orlando, FL 32806

  • Bill Barber, Subaru owner

    Wow! I can't believe that you got me an extra $3,200 within a week. I should have called you sooner! Thanks for a job well done.

    — Bill Barber

  • Lance, Rhonda, & Brandon Nix, Texas

    Ya'll were AWESOME!... Thank you for everything...The weight you lifted off my shoulders that day was something I did not feel 1,000 men could lift off! Thank you sooo much!

    — Lance, Rhonda, & Brandon Nix

  • Trevor Beckwith, Orlando, Florida

    FYI — I settled with the insurance company at $7100 for Diminshed Value. Tthanks again for your help!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Trevor Beckwith
    Orlando, Florida



  • Ocoee, Florida - You Rock, Baby!

    Monica , thank you so much! An Adjuster called me today, said it was a big mistake that the other adjuster made! He apologized and made another offer of $13,900.44 less my $500.00 deductible! I will except this amount, therefore it will be settled . Please send him a note to that effect for his records. You Rock, Baby! Thanks again!

    Jeanette C. Taylor
    Ocoee, Florida

  • David E. Root, Insurance Agent CIC

    Thanks. I will keep your info handy. $2500 vs $5,500. Good work.

    David E. Root, Insurance Agent CIC


  • The Wright Family, Wilmington, North Carolina

    We got an additional $2,500 for my diminished value claim against USAA for my 1999 BMW.

    — The Wright Family
    Wilmington, North Carolina

  • Betty Newton, Richmond, Virginia

    Progressive paid me the full amount of diminished value that Autoloss quoted in their appraisal. Thank you for your thorough report and great claim assistance.

    — Betty Newton
    Richmond, Virginia

  • Marsha Knockum, Stockton, California

    Marsha Knockum's 1982 Mercedes 380 SLYou are a Godsend. Wish Autoloss could handle personal injury claims too.

    — Marsha Knockum
    Stockton, California

  • Roy Campbell, Georgia (2)

    I finally settled with Progressive for $4 K for Diminished Value. I appreciate your assistance with this matter and will refer you to anyone that has a accident.

    — Roy Campbell

  • Nick Verlotta, Mount Pleasant, SC

    I was at my wits end and very fustrated that no one entity locally would or could help me with my diminished loss after my accident. Your services were well worth the price in regards to settling my loss with State Farm. Their initial settlement was $107 and today I received $4750 based on your analysis and true loss statement.

  • Seattle, Washington: Fast, professional, and friendly

    I'm so glad I've got Autoloss to help me with my Diminished Value Claim! Autoloss' service was consistently fast, professional, and friendly. They helped me from the beginning, all the way until successful resolution of my diminished value claim. They sure are experts in their area, they know what insurance companies say, and what to do and respond in order to settle for a fair amount, not a tiny unfair amount insurance companies offer first. My sincere thanks to Erik, Monica, and the rest of Autoloss Team for their superb service.

    Claudio Pacciarini
    Seattle, Washington

  • Dr. Mark S., Houston, Texas

    It is nice to know someone is out there fighting for the little guy. Autoloss is my type of company.

    — Dr. Mark S.
    Houston, Texas

  • Andy D., Texas

    I settled with the insurance company on my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Pickup... thank you for your assistance.

    — Andy D.

  • Ron Schneider, Addyston, Ohio


    I would like to thank you and Autoloss for your help on resolving my 2009 Honda Civic LX total loss claim with Nationwide.

    After two months of working with Nationwide, their best offer was $8,093. I reviewed values in local markets to replace the car and kept coming up with a value of $10,000+. When I reached an impasse with Nationwide, the next course of action was to go to independent appraisals. I called Monica @ Autoloss. We discussed the vehicle and she gave me a rough quote.

    Looking back now, I wish I would have gone to Autoloss considerably sooner. Monica and Nationwide's independent appraiser came to an agreed value of $10,200, resulting in a $2100 (25%) increase.

    Monica handled the case quickly and fought to get me a fair value.

    Thanks Monica.

    Ron Schneider
    Addyston, Ohio

  • Dr. Smith, Beaverton, Oregon

    I called Autoloss and within 48 hours you had inspected my car and within 1 week they had negotiated a settlement for $4,202. Allstate initially only offered me $1,000. You are amazing.

    — Dr. Smith
    Beaverton, Oregon

  • Mike Edwards, Georgia

    State Farm split the difference and has cut a check. All total $3000 more than their original amount. That hit the mark as to what we originally thought the value should be.

    — Mike Edwards

  • Abdihakim Abdullahi, Spokane, Washington

    They paid me at the full amount of diminished value on my claim. The amount was $3,995. I am very happy and it only took a few days.


    Abdihakim Abdullahi
    Spokane, Washington

  • Charlotte Baggett, Washington, D.C.

    Thank you for your help. Thank you for your web site Your experience, your published claim report, and the diminished claim manual were exactly the tools that I needed to pursue this claim.

    — Charlotte Baggett
    Washington, D.C.

  • Michigan: Additional $5,000

    Michigan: Additional $5,000


    Thanks for all you have done on my claim. The additional $5,000 on my claim will be wisely used. Now I can go buy another brand new Cadillac.

    Thanks for not letting AAA get away with anything.

    Jean Lodge Rials

  • E. Gill, Beaverton, Oregon

    Hello Monica,

    I wanted to take a second to thank you for your hard work. I was really happy with my settlement from Allstate. It was money well spent. I paid $249, and got an additional $4,700 more. Not too bad for a minor investment.

    E. Gill
    Beaverton, Oregon

  • Bob and Marcie, Rockwall, Texas

    You were very professional in your dealings with all parties concerned and, at times, went beyond what normally is expected in order to bring my claim to a successful conclusion.

    — Bob and Marcie
    Rockwall, Texas

  • Donna Dewitt - Jupiter, Florida

    To Eric:

    I got Honda to give the numbers the way we needed it today.... The agent was not happy but I got him to write a check for $4,100.00.... Thank you so much for your assistance!!!

    Donna Dewitt
    Jupiter, Florida

  • Ralph Ratcliffe, Austin, Texas

    Ralph Ratcliffe's Honda Civic Si CoupeState Farm was being very difficulty initially so I called Terry Fisher. After Autoloss wrote a comprehensive total loss appraisal State Farm settled for $2,000 more then the initial offer.

    — Ralph Ratcliffe
    Austin, Texas

  • Sharon Flannery - Apex, North Carolina


    Before time gets away from me, I just want to take the time to say thank you for everything. I understand that it's your job, but patience does not come easy to many and you certainly held up. I will definitely recommend your company to others in the future.

    I have already taken it upon myself to make sure every one I work with and close friends are aware that they may qualify for a claim and where to go for information.

    Have a wonderful day and happy holidays!

    Sharon Flannery
    Apex, North Carolina

  • Gloria Doss, Coral Springs, Florida

    Gloria Doss' 2005 Jaguar S-TypeI am happy with the total loss settlement on my 05 Jaguar. Allstate was giving me way too little and now I can get another Jaguar. It took less then 7 days too. Very Happy.

    — Gloria Doss
    Coral Springs, Florida

  • Pat L. Meyers, Pompano Beach, Florida

    I highly recommended Autoloss. The company is an asset to any customer wanting to get the full amount of DV that they are owed. I hired Autoloss after an insurance company refused to offer a sufficient amount for diminished value. With a report from Autoloss I was able to have the insurance company pay me the full amount of diminished value I was owed.

    Pat L. Meyers
    Pompano Beach, Florida

  • Pratic Shah, Seattle, Washington

    I had a (NOT MY FAULT) car accident in the month of May this year and eventually the insurance company had to scrap my brand-new SUV. I was highly disappointed with my insurance company after the prior valuation of my scrapped car. The initial offer given to me by my insurance company was highly unacceptable to me.

    I then hired Autoloss to help me fight against my insurance company. Monica and Erik were right on spot from the first day, and in a matter of just 3 weeks they got me an offer which was 150% of what my insurance company offered me initially. That's more than 6000 bucks more. I am very glad I hired Autoloss and would highly recommend Autoloss to everyone who is trapped by the cheap gimmicks played by Insurance companies. Thank you Autoloss team (Monica and Erik) !!!!!!."

    Thanks !!!!!!

    Pratic Shah
    Seattle, Washington

  • Wade Patout, Dallas, Texas

    We got the truck totaled so we are super happy. We are sitting in dealership getting an 09 Maxima right now.

    — Wade Patout
    Dallas, Texas

  • Howard Barker, California Resident (2)

    Howard Barker's Porsche 911... I appreciated your kindness, understanding and support just as much as the six thousand dollar increase.
    — Howard Barker

  • Houston, Texas: Thank you for the diminished value estimate

    I would like to thank you for the diminished value estimate. Finally, as of yesterday, Progressive agreed to totaling my Porsche. Had it not been for your estimate, I feel my relentless hounding them to total the vehicle would not have been as effective.

    Thanks again,

    Blake Howell
    Houston, Texas

  • Mark Ontiveros, Portland, Oregon

    Mark Ontiveros' custom 1990 SAAB 900 TurboAutoloss took a low ball offer of $4,000 to $7,100 in 2 weeks... If I ever have a total loss claim I will call you first.

    — Mark Ontiveros
    Portland, Oregon

  • Tonya Smith, Seattle, Washington

    I am so excited to report that I settled my diminished value claim with Nationwide for $3,000 more then what they offered me initially.

    — Tonya Smith
    Seattle, Washington

  • Felipe Hernandez, Diminished Value Client

    I want to thank you guys for your outstanding customer service and the speed in which this case was dealt with. I will make sure I tell everyone I know about your services.

    — Felipe Hernandez
    Diminished Value Client

  • Tom Cosgrove, Asheville, North Carolina

    Just a short note to thank you for your timely, professional and detailed report. We were ultimately able to negotiate an appropriate compensation — double the insurance company's initial offer — when we utilized your service. Thanks again.

    Tom Cosgrove
    Asheville, North Carolina

  • Dean Mason, Seattle, Washington


    Pemco settled for $8500.00. Thanks for your personal attention.

    Merry Christmas!

    Dean Mason
    Seattle, Washington

  • Hal Blackman, Atlanta, Georgia


    I just wanted to thank you for the report… I was able to get the full $6,800 that was on your report vs the $250 they initially wanted to pay me… Nice job!

    Hal Blackman
    President & CEO
    IST Management Services, Inc.
    The Company with Passion
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