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Dear Monica,

I was at my wits end and very fustrated that no one entity locally would or could help me with my diminished loss after my accident. Your services were well worth the price in regards to settling my loss with State Farm. Their initial settlement was $107 and today I received $4750 based on your analysis and true loss statement.

Thank you for all that you did.

Nick Verlotta
Digital Printing Solutions
Mount Pleasant, SC

We have arrived at an agreeable amount significantly higher than their original offer. The document & suggestions y'all provided were instrumental in this outcome.

Thank you.

James Scully
Sarasota Florida

Your company did a great job — I'd refer anyone needing this service your way from here on out.

David Snyder
Beaverton, Oregon

Went from $0, as an offer from them, to $3000 :)

Mary Townsend
Houston, Texas

My G8GT was hit by a lady in town. The damages were $2,7xx and I started a DV claim. The DV agent started to give me hell, so I immediately went to Autoloss. They came through with a great report. I supplied the report to the ladies insurance and they gave me the run around for months, while Autoloss continued great customer service and supplied facts. You must take your time and know Autoloss is going to build a perfect case along the way with every error the insurance company makes. I made sure to only communicate through email to document every step with the DV Agent. You have to continue to push the insurance company with these facts to make them work to your benefit. It finally came down to the DV agent drawing a line in the sand with a low ball offer. So Autoloss helped lead me towards reporting my case to the State Insurance Commissioner. I packaged together everything Autoloss supplied me with and my communications with the DV agent. I was able to pin point the errors and tactics the insurance company was using against me, due to the education Autoloss provided me with. Needless to say the state is now investigating my case with the insurance company and an insurance company manager called me to settle today at 3.5 times more than the original offer the DV agent drew the line on. Erik is amazing at Autoloss. He always makes time for your call and comes through in every way. If you need any insurance help, contact Autoloss. They are amazing.

Josh Chovanec
Ruston, LA
Originally posted at G8Board.com

Hi Autoloss,

After we submitted the letter to Insurance Commissioner earlier last week, I received a cheque for Original stated Diminished Value of $4,065 from State Farm Insurance company on Dec 13, 2014. Thank you so much for your continuous support and help in this regards.

Keep up your great work and wishing you a great vacation and new year ahead.


Shankar S.
Dallas Texas

I had a (NOT MY FAULT) car accident in the month of May this year and eventually the insurance company had to scrap my brand-new SUV. I was highly disappointed with my insurance company after the prior valuation of my scrapped car. The initial offer given to me by my insurance company was highly unacceptable to me.

I then hired Autoloss to help me fight against my insurance company. Monica and Erik were right on spot from the first day, and in a matter of just 3 weeks they got me an offer which was 150% of what my insurance company offered me initially. That's more than 6000 bucks more. I am very glad I hired Autoloss and would highly recommend Autoloss to everyone who is trapped by the cheap gimmicks played by Insurance companies. Thank you Autoloss team (Monica and Erik) !!!!!!."

Thanks !!!!!!

Pratic Shah
Seattle, Washington

After Terry's thorough evaluation, I decided to not buy the Cadillac on Ebay. Thanks for the comprehensive appraisal and inspection.

Jerry Bahr
Beaverton, Oregon

I want to thank Autoloss for your assistance and timely responses. I was able to get the full amount for my Total Loss claim. I was surprised at how easy it was working with your company.

Again, thank you for your help.

Michelle Ford
2001 Toyota Camry
Raleigh, North Carolina

I am very pleased with the thoroughness of the Diminished Value report. If you ever need a reference, I would happily provide my comments and a testimonial.

Paul Beiga
West Palm Beach, Florida


I just wanted to thank you so much for your help. Talking to you today has eased my mind. I will be referring your company to friends and family. Monica was wonderful as well. It's so nice doing business with such nice people.

Allison Teague
Atlanta, Georgia

I just got the verdict on my case and I won! Thank you guys so much for helping me through this process! If I ever need help with something like this again I will be sure to call, I have already referred a few people your way who are in similar situations. You guys are great with Diminished Value claims!

Thanks again,

Josh Stump
Atlanta, Georgia

If you have any issue with your auto insurance company paying you an unfair amount for your totaled vehicle, I urge you to contact Monica and her team: PH: 877-655-1661.


Thank you very much for working on my case.

When State Farm got your report they stated it was the most comprehensive Diminished Value report they had ever seen. State Farm wrote me a check for the full amount of my claim. Thanks for reminding me to get reimbursed my $299 Diminished Value report fee, too.

Vijay S.
Beaverton, Oregon

(I also told my friends at Intel about your business. I have a few friends that will be calling you.)

Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how happy I was with your company and your assistant, Eric. He was extremely easy to work with. He called me back when he said he would and was very thorough with his help. My settlement went from $651.98 to $3,300. I really appreciated your help.

Keith Anderson
Mercer Island, Washington

Thanks for all of your help on my behalf. Due to Terry's negotiations, my insurance company doubled their offer on my Diminished Value claim. I don't think Geico in North Carolina likes Terry very much.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina


I am 100% happy with my report and the results of the report. Allstate paid the claim and reimbursed me the appraisal fee. I will tell all of my friends about Diminished Value.

Jay Wiss
Indian Shores, Florida


I am so happy with the results of my Total Loss claim. Amica only wanted to give me $7,000 for my Toyota. I purchased the vehicle new and I serviced the vehicle at Toyota so I had really taken excellent care of my vehicle. I knew my vehicle was worth more money. Thanks for fighting for me and getting me the additional 50% more. I am driving a much nicer car because of you.

Kathy L.
Vancouver, Washington

Thanks for the quick turnaround on my leased vehicle appraisal. Honda only wanted to give me $22,090 for my leased vehicle but instead I got $24,990. I did not have to pay the difference. I am very happy with the issue being resolved.

Seattle, Washington

I was very pleased with the Autoloss process. It was outlined verbally and in writing. It was an easy process that everyone should know about. I would use your service again.

Percy Smith
Orlando, Florida

Hello Monica,

I wanted to take a second to thank you for your hard work. I was really happy with my settlement from Allstate. It was money well spent. I paid $249, and got an additional $4,700 more. Not too bad for a minor investment.

E. Gill
Beaverton, Oregon

Hi Terry,

Thanks for all of your hard work. My lawyer said we would have not gotten the $29,000 settlement in court without your expert witness testimony. I know it was a pain to come to Houston, Texas, but it really helped my case.


Thomas Smith
Houston, Texas

Thank you for your polite, nice, receptive, and prompt service. Due to your help I received $3,000 on my Diminished Value claim.

Calvin Redman
Portland, Oregon

I would like to tell you how great Monica at Autoloss has made our experience with the insurance company better.

I have used Autoloss and worked with Monica 3 times. Each time she is professional and knows the way insurance companies work. She is fair and has her clients best interest when she works with the claims adjusters. She has been able to get us what our cars were worth at the time of the accident in a Total Loss circumstance.

She does her homework and is kind. She works for you. You can trust her instincts.

I have told my friends, doctors, family and my chiropractor about Monica and Autoloss. She is the best at what she does.

Bravo Monica.

Shanti Bush
Newberg, Oregon



I would like to thank you and Autoloss.com for your help on resolving my 2009 Honda Civic LX Total Loss claim with Nationwide.

After two months of working with Nationwide, their best offer was $8,093. I reviewed values in local markets to replace the car and kept coming up with a value of $10,000+. When I reached an impasse with Nationwide, the next course of action was to go to independent appraisals. I called Monica @ Autoloss.com. We discussed the vehicle and she gave me a rough quote.

Looking back now, I wish I would have gone to Autoloss.com considerably sooner. Monica and Nationwide's independent appraiser came to an agreed value of $10,200, resulting in a $2100 (25%) increase.

Monica handled the case quickly and fought to get me a fair value.

Thanks Monica.

Ron Schneider
Addyston, Ohio

Terry M. Fisher, Owner, Autoloss.com
Terry M. Fisher
Autoloss.com Founder

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