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  • I was in tears when the automobile insurance adjuster offered me only $6,000 for a car for which I had paid $18,000... You not only settled my claim for $10,000, but you also relieved me of the cumbersome negotiation with the adjuster and the related stress. The latter alone was worth the cost of service!

    — Sandra VanderHeyden


In order to claim Diminished Value, we consider a set of prerequisites. While we will do our best to get you the compensation you deserve, your claim depends on the type of damage incurred on your vehicle and the circumstances surrounding the accident. Questions to ask yourself before seeking a Diminished Value appraiser include:

1. Who is at fault? Diminished value claims in Oregon cannot be processed for drivers who are at fault in an accident. If you were hit, at no fault of your own, then you are eligible for a diminished value appraisal. If, however, the circumstances surrounding your car accident put you at fault for your own damages and those to other vehicles, a diminished value claim will not be possible.

2. What sort of damage are we dealing with? Frame damage requires a deep assessment due to the manufacturer practice of using lighter materials, which are more complex and require deeper analysis to determine diminished value. A few things we look for when assessing frame damage include: - High strength, low alloy materials and high-strength steel: Both of these newer grades have strict requirements for welding and heat treatment.
- Hydro-formed components
- Repair shop MIG welds vs. factory spot welds.
- Foam-filled or aluminum composite construction.
- Corrosion protection.

3. Ownership: If you own your vehicle, you are entitled to a diminished value appraisal. Vehicle owners are the only ones allowed to receive compensation for a vehicle's loss in value. However, in the case of an accident, notify your leasing company, which may allow you to collect on their behalf if you offer to purchase the vehicle.

4. Exotic cars: For vehicles costing over $100,000, we recommend that you not only seek out the best appraiser but consider applying for loss of use for your vehicle during the time that it is unavailable. For a list of the exotic cars that we are authorized to appraise, click here. However, keep in mind that to qualify, all cars, exotic or not, must be worth over $10,000 and have over $500 in damage.

5. Stock original or restored? The state of your vehicle prior to damage plays a role in our estimate of lost value. Because we do a detailed breakdown of upgrades and modifications made to original models, the more you know about the original make of your car and any work performed since, the better.

As nationwide leaders in diminished value appraisal, we make sure to consider every facet of your vehicle and accident in order to get you the best compensation. Your awareness of the above vehicle and accident facts will help ensure that we can take on your case and provide you with the excellent results you deserve.
Terry M. Fisher, Owner,
Terry M. Fisher Founder

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